In 2020 

- Global production capacity reach 10GW+, EU sales agent establish and solar products gained panel excellent performance certificate by EU Fraunhofer lab in Germany.

 In 2019 

- Cambodian manufacturing JINTECH base put into operation, shipments continued to expand extremely.

 In 2018 

- Establish sales agent in South Africa, sales marketing extent to 20 + regions in Africa.

 In 2017 

- Jiangsu manufacturing base put into production, global shipment continued to climb to 2GW.

 In 2017 

- Establish scientific research cooperation relationship with the university of Tehran in Iran,

cooperating to develop high-efficiency & low-loss solar panel research.

 In 2016 

- Establish Saudi-Arabic sales agent, solar products pass local laboratory SABER certification for excellent electrical performance.

 In 2015 

-Oversea sales 1GW in more than 60 countries.  

 In 2013 

- Publish QIN series of high-efficiency solar panel and award Outstanding Performance panel prize.

Jointly establish Photovoltaic research & development team with Zhengzhou University physics research department.

 In 2012 

-Henan producing base successfully put into operation,production capacity reach 800MW.

 In 2010 

- Zhengzhou branch established,Layout global sales network in more than 20 countries and regions.

 In 2009 

- Anhui solar producing base establish, annual production capacity reach 200MW, Obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification, passed IEC 61701, TUV certification.

 In 2008 

- Hongkong Hetech Energy establised in Hongkong, aiming at global solar project consultant & solar system engineering service and materials supplying.

Para ser líder de fabricante mundial de alto - rendimiento PV productos.

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